Do These 3 Things to Instantly Increase Your Pressure Washing Leads with Google Ads

Do These 3 Things to Instantly Increase Your Pressure Washing Leads with Google Ads


Video Transcript:

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Speaker:           Hey pressure washing business owners, my name is Jonathan Henderson with pressure washing marketing pros. In today’s video, I’m going to talk to you guys about the three things that you can do to instantly get more leads in your Google ads campaign, right? Because a lot of pressure washing business owners aren’t doing these three things, and they may have good results, and they may have bad results.

But if you do these three things in your Google ads campaign, you will no matter how well you’re performing, you will see better results, and you will see more leads. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and get started.


So the first thing that I want to talk about is having an offer, right? Having an offer.

That’s the first thing that I would do in your Google ads campaign, and implementing that in your ad headlines and in your text of your ads, right? Because if I go ahead and look up power washing Austin, which somebody would be looking up if they were in Austin, Texas, looking for power washing services, right?

Using this as an example. As you can see, there’s three ads that pop up first, right? Which ad are you most likely to click on if you’re a consumer? I know for myself, right? I’m seeing these three ads. The first one that I’m probably clicking on is going to be this one right here, right? Because it says number one power washing Austin.

But wait, it has an offer on there, $50 off special, right? So who doesn’t want to save money? When you’re providing any kind of services, you want the customer and the consumer to think that they, you want it to be a win-win situation, right? Not only for yourself, but for the customer as well, right?

And so when I take a look at 360 power washing Austin, what is going to entice me to click on these ads, right? If I look at them, you know what I mean? Just locally owned and operated, there’s nothing that really entices me to want to click on this ad, right? Austin power washing pros, we clean away all dirt and mold, right? There’s nothing that entices me to want to click on that. But if I go right here to this wash Austin ad, as you can see, this $50 off special entices me to click on the ad.

So that’s why like you will see better click-through? Rates, you will see more people click on your ads when you have an offer that you put in your ads, right?


Another thing, too, and why it benefits, as you guys know right now, Google ads is an auction system. So there’s plenty of factors that go in your quality score that determines how well your ad ranks.

But one of the biggest factors is going to be how much you bid, right? So how much are you willing to pay for a certain keyword right? So if 360 power washing is willing to bid $15 for this keyword power washing Austin, and Westlake was bidding, let’s just say like $12 and wash Austin was $10, right? When you have an offer, you don’t have to be the first position and bid the most money for that keyword, right?

So if I go ahead and I click on this result right here, number one power Washington in Austin, $50 off special, and I click on that. I’m not paying the same amount that 360 power washing is, right? Because they probably bid more than we did. Now, like I said, that is not automatic, that is not like, sometimes that may not always be the case.

But what I’m saying is that when you do put an offer, you don’t always have to be in the first position or even bid the most a lot of the time. Because what ends up happening is that people are going to click on your ad anyway, right? So as you know right now, he’s probably not even bidding the most right now, and he has the offer in his ad headline. So he doesn’t even have to pay as much as a click, as maybe 360 power washing does, right?

So that’s why you definitely want to go ahead and have an offer that you have in your ad headlines. If you implement that today, you will see better results with your ads.


Now the second thing that I want to talk about are location extensions, right? So in your Google ads campaigns, there are extensions that you can use, right? And so what a location extension is that when you have your Google ads, right?

You can use an extension where you can connect your Google my business so that your ad will show up in the map pack for all types of searches, right? So if you look at this with Ray cleaning solutions, right? As you can see right here, not only do they show up number one, but their ad also shows up in the map pack, right? So with that being said, they’re giving themselves multiple opportunities to go ahead and be seen, right?

Because we know that the biggest real estate, where people click the most when they’re looking for pressure washing services or any type of service, right? We all do it. We all go straight to this map pack; we want to see people’s reviews, we want to see how well the business that they are, right? So a lot of people are not utilizing the location extension for their Google ads. So you want to be able to use that. But the caveat here is that you have to have an actual location listed on your Google my business.

So, for example, like this business my heat pressure cleaning, they wouldn’t be able to, right? Because they’re a service area business. So they’re not showing their address on their Google my business, right? But that’s one thing that you want to go ahead and do. Is if you are showing your address and you have a physical location, right? For your Google my business.

You can use a location extension so that you can have your ad show up in the Google map pack because this will do wonders when it comes to having that real estate on Google. Not only are they number one right here, but they also show up in the map pack as well. So when you click on them, right? So not when you click on them, but they have multiple opportunities to be seen.

Which the more clicks that you get, what? The more leads you can potentially get for your Google ads campaign, right? So that’s the second thing that I want to talk about when it comes to how to instantly get more leads for your Google ads campaign, right?


Now the third and final thing that you can do is this; you need to have a professional landing page for your Google ads campaign, right?

So this is an example of a professional pressure washing page because too many times what I see a lot of guys do, and I can probably tell that ray cleaning solutions is doing it. But they’re sending their traffic to their home page, and even like this guy, 360 power washing, they’re probably going ahead, and they’re sending their traffic to the home page of their website, right?

Which is you don’t want to send your traffic to the home page of your website? Because what’s going to end up happening is, like I said, your website is supposed to be a hub, right? So if we go to diamond power washers right here, which this, this is Solomon Diamond power washes out of Virginia.

So this is their website, right? So when you look at their website, they have like your website supposed to be a hub, it’s supposed to give customers a lot of information, right? So they can look at your services, they can look at your blog, they can look at your about us. They can look at different and various factors.

So your website’s supposed to be the middleman, well, not the middlemen, but the hub where everybody goes to get information, right? But too many people send their traffic to, and they send the Google ads traffic to their home page, right?

There’s a video on here, as you can see, that he has, so they can watch the video. But the biggest thing that it gives an opportunity for the customer that lands on this page to land off of it, right? Because if I go ahead and I watch this video if I watch this video right now, right? I could end up on Google, right? Or I could end up on YouTube, right?

So the biggest thing about having a landing page whenever you’re running a Google ads campaign is that you just want people to have the opportunity to convert. So, for example, the only thing that people can do on this landing page, as you can see, is call now, or they can fill out this contact form, right? If they click, this is going to go straight to the number; if they click get free quote, it goes right back up here to the free quote, right?

Same thing in this block, same thing when it goes right here. Because you don’t want to give people that opportunity to go click on your blogs or about us and just feed them too much information. You want people to go ahead and land on your landing page and convert, that’s all you want them to do. Because you know the people that do click on Google ads, they have a higher chance of buying, right?

Their intention is to buy now. Their intention is that they need services now, right? So that’s what you want to do when you have a landing page. Another thing that it does as well is that you want to have a landing page for each one of the services that you’re targeting on Google ads, and that helps your overall quality score, which goes ahead and makes you pay less, right? So, for example, let’s go right here to power washing Austin, right?

If I click on a website, you could have a pressure washing landing page like this one that talks about local power washing services, pressure washing services, whatever it may be, right? And then if you had on here and you said something like let’s go back to Austin, and I said like roof cleaning Austin, right?

And I go on here, let’s change it to Austin Texas right here, and I change it to Austin Texas right here, right? The same company right here for power washing Austin. As you can see, they have roof cleaning, number one roof cleaning in Austin, $50 off special. Once again, they’re running a special again. But the thing about it too, which I don’t want to click on their ad result to see if they have a landing page or not that they’re using.

But the thing about it, though, is that what they can do, is that when somebody types on roof cleaning Austin, you can click on this result and have a landing page dedicated to, you could say, Northern Virginia’s choice for local roof cleaning services, right? And so you have an ad, and you have a page that’s just dedicated to that particular service.

So whether it be roof cleaning, whether it be paver sealing, whether it be power washing, deck staining, you would have a landing page that people would visit, that would just talk about deck standing, that would just talk about roof cleaning, that would just talk about pressure washing. And that is going to increase the conversions that you see in your Google ads campaign.

Instead of sending them straight to your home page, where they have a lot of opportunity to trail off the path of converting, right? You want people just to convert, you’re paying for those leads or paying for those clicks. So with that being said, you want people when they land on your page, just to convert.

You want them to either call you or fill out a contact form, that’s it, right? So with that being said, those are the three things that you want to do in your pressure washing Google ads campaign. You want to have an offer that you are presenting a customer so that you entice them to click on your ad.

Number two; you want to use location extensions so that your ad shows up in a map pack. And number three, you want to have a landing page that you’re serving to those customers instead of sending all that traffic to your home page. So with that being said, I hope that you guys found this video informative. And so you can do those things for your Google ads campaign, and I hope you guys get more leads by following this information.

So if you guys do need help with your pressure washing, your marketing, your pressure washing business, whatever it is, go ahead and hit us up below for a free strategy session with myself, where I can go over your website and everything with your online digital marketing presence. So that you know what you need to do going further, right? So without further ado, with that being said, I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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